Time for a More Accurate Description

In our past article, “Growing our Leatherette Line” we discussed how Staats began the leatherette line years ago with a single banner. It has since grown to Plaques, Ribbons, Rosettes, and even Can Holders! The development into the rustic country line has not stopped. We will be coming out with a few new products in our new 2019-2020 catalog out this fall. In this new catalog, you will notice a few name changes to our leatherette line products. To keep you informed, and a little less confused, we decided to explain it all to you here right on our blog.

Faux Leather

I’m sure you all have noticed we really have two distinctly different types of leatherette. One type of leatherette you have seen on our plaques, can holders, ribbons, and rosettes. It is a thicker, heavier weight,  leatherette. This material is more of a faux leather and depending on the color, may laser black, gold or silver. We are going to be calling this material Faux Leather since, quite frankly, that is a more accurate description of those products.



The second type of leatherette is what you have seen on all of our leatherette banners. This material, used for our banners, is a signature solid suede fabric which is more lightweight and versatile. Unlike the other faux leather, our banner leatherette will blow in the wind just like our traditional satin ribbons and banners. However, don’t let this thin fabric fool you, it is durable enough for us to laser engrave on it. Since our leatherette banners were the first and original start to our leatherette line, it was decided that this material will be keeping the Leatherette name with all of our banners remaining “Leatherette Banners”.

Leatherette Banners crop

Now if hearing about it isn’t enough, please stop by our office, visit our booths at your conventions, or request a sample. We want to keep you informed about what you are purchasing and continue to help you Leave Your Mark.

~ EL


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