New Staff

2019 has brought some new changes to Staats. Our office has new faces in new roles. Since there have been so many changes, we decided we better blog about it!


Our first exciting announcement is Jeanna, previously our Sales/Marketing Manager, who you may recall wrote Not My First Fair Season┬áhas transitioned into full-time sales. Jeanna will act as a Sales Representative for our company. Since Marty’s retirement, Jeanna has taken on his customers and is working with a focus in our agricultural businesses.



Now, I bet you are asking, “Who’s replacing Jeanna?”. Our new Sales/Marketing Manager is Krystal. Her focus will be on sales with our local businesses as well as leading the marketing efforts for our company. Krystal has already been here a few months so you may have already had the pleasure of meeting her!

Our office is extremely optimistic about our new staff and the new year. We can’t wait to start building new relationships with each other and with all of you, our loyal customers!


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