Growing our Leatherette Line!

Our leatherette line began several years ago with our Original Leatherette Banner. The banner was only offered in one color and had a lasered imprint. Our feedback from you guys, our customers, was great. It was a hit! So, a couple years ago we began to develop a variety of colors, foil imprints, and an overlay banner which incorporated burlap for a rustic country banner, which we knew our fair customers would love, AND THEY DID! Continuing with the country vibe we added a few different leatherette plaque options, one of them even used actual barn wood. We knew you guys would go crazy over those as you did for the other leatherette awards.

The development of our leatherette brand did not stop there, this year, 2018, we will be releasing our Leatherette Pinked Ribbons and our Leatherette Rosettes. These two new products are sure to stand out at your event and are fantastic for photos. The leatherette material is thicker than your average ribbon and less flimsy. This makes it ideal for windy situations and laying flat on your exhibit table. Also, the leatherette does not reflect the light like the regular foil embossed ribbons so it is easy reading the award in person or through a photograph. These new products are sure to please for any fair or festival setting.

Leatherette Ribbons

3W Leatherette Pinked Ribbons CROP.jpgWe are proud to announce our Leatherette Pinked Ribbons this 2018 season. They are currently only offered in our 2″ x 8″ size, however, we can take larger sizes upon request. Our ribbons are offered in a variety of colors including black, blue, dark brown, gray, light brown, pink, raw hide, and rose. All of these colors laser a dark brown color with the exception of black, which lasers gold. These nontraditional colors allow you to think outside the box from standard placing colors and come up with a more creative experience for fairgoers and award winners. Check out the colors or purchase these unique ribbons at our site.

Leatherette Rosettes

2W Leatherette Rosettes CROPThe Leatherette Rosettes have been requested as a new product for quite some time. After countless hours in product development, we are ready to launch our Leatherette Rosettes. Currently, we have been creating these with a leatherette streamer, leatherette button with metal ring, and standard ribbon for the rest of the rosette top.  In the photograph, we have displayed our #301 style with standard black loops as well as gray and raw hide leatherette. Use our leatherette as a jaw-dropping accent to your placing rosette. Try our standard purple ribbon top with black leatherette accent streamers and button. Or have us help you come up with the perfect leatherette rosette color combination for your event. Whatever you decide to go with, these rosettes are going to make a statement to your fairgoers.

We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about these new additions to our Leatherette Line! Please drop us a comment below or email us at



6 thoughts on “Growing our Leatherette Line!

    1. Staats Awards Blog says:

      Hi Wendy, thank you for your interest!

      Our 2″ x 8″ pinked leatherette ribbons start at $1.75 each with a minimum of 36. The more you order, the better pricing gets. Here is a link for more pricing information and our e-commerce website.

      Our #301 style leatherette rosette isn’t currently on the website yet, but we have it priced at:
      $6.90 each with a minimum of 4
      $6.25 each when you order 12 or more
      $5.40 each when you order 25 or more
      $4.90 each when you order 50 or more
      $4.10 each when you order 100 or more

      Have a great day!

      *Disclaimer: Does not include, shipping or tax. These prices are our 2017 prices. Our prices are subject to change.


  1. Christina Titus says:

    Absolutely love these leatherette ribbons and rosettes!!! Different and unique, these would
    be a great addition to my Awards for our County Show. I would like to have pricing information.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Christina Titus says:

        Yes, I noticed the pricing after I asked for it. Thank you so much and I will definitely keep these Rosettes in mind when its time to order.


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