Breaking into the Wine Market

Breaking boundaries & stepping outside of the box with creativity is what every innovator thrives on. It is no different here, we are always trying to come up with a hot, new product or creating custom products for our customers. Especially after we receive requests. As we mentioned in our previous article, The Staats Difference, we want to be there for you and go above and beyond to meet your needs. So, it only seemed natural that it was about time we sold our own wine awards.

Take a look at our Wine Bottle Neck Ribbon. It is sized ideally for a bottle. The ribbon comes with a metal clasp and in a variety of colors to select from. Visit our site to see the complete list. Wine Awards 2 1W

Although we have always had medals available for sale, I really wanted to take the opportunity with the Wine Bottle Neck Ribbon launch to highlight all ones we have to offer. The medals seen above are Custom Mylar Medals and are probably my favorite kind. I love the freedom and creativity we have available for this product.  Any multi-color design is perfect for this because we sublimate the design directly on to the medal! So, you aren’t limited to your basic stock medal. You can create your award to be whatever you want!

Now if you still want to go the traditional route, we have plenty of options.  Whether it is our Shooting Star or our Millenium, take a second a check them out. Our site has just a few of the options to choose from.


We love to keep creating on a daily basis, so if you have something in mind let us know. Drop us a comment below, email us, or heck give us a call! Our customers come first, so we want to create something you’ll love. What better way to get that information than directly from the source. Hope to hear from you soon, until then you will have to just wait and see what new products we have in store.



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